<p class="testi-nume">Diana JEKOVA</p><p class="testi-functie">National Key Account Manager, Bulgaria</p>

National Key Account Manager, Bulgaria

">Diana JEKOVANational Key Account Manager, Bulgaria

“An inspiring leader striving for innovation. Result oriented and committed he is one you can learn from.”

<p class="testi-nume">Iulia Stan</p><p class="testi-functie">Marketing Director EMEA</p>
Iulia Stan

Marketing Director EMEA

">Iulia StanMarketing Director EMEA

“With a profound interest in people, he invests energy in order to understand their motivations.”

<p class="testi-nume">Ivo Matulja</p><p class="testi-functie">General Manager Adria-Balkan</p>
Ivo Matulja

General Manager Adria-Balkan

">Ivo MatuljaGeneral Manager Adria-Balkan

“Vlad is the real people and business developer.”

<p class="testi-nume">Adrian Simionescu</p><p class="testi-functie">General Manager Romania & Moldova</p>
Adrian Simionescu

General Manager Romania & Moldova

">Adrian SimionescuGeneral Manager Romania & Moldova

“I truly recommend discovering this amazing person and great leader.”

<p class="testi-nume">Victor IANCU</p><p class="testi-functie">Key Account Manager</p>
Victor IANCU

Key Account Manager

">Victor IANCUKey Account Manager

“He has a very good sense of observation and he is a good listener. I like his enthusiasm and that he inspires action!”

<p class="testi-nume">Dan GHISE</p><p class="testi-functie">National After Sales Services Manager Romania</p>

National After Sales Services Manager Romania

">Dan GHISENational After Sales Services Manager Romania

“With a fine sense of observation, an enviable perseverance and a great soul, Vlad is the coach and friend you can rely on when you need it.”

<p class="testi-nume">Josipa Lučić</p><p class="testi-functie">Key Account Manager</p>
Josipa Lučić

Key Account Manager

">Josipa LučićKey Account Manager

“If you are looking for the characteristics of a true leader, Vlad will surely have all of them.”

<p class="testi-nume">Miglena MITEVA</p><p class="testi-functie">Brand Director Eastern Europe Zone</p>
Miglena MITEVA

Brand Director Eastern Europe Zone

">Miglena MITEVABrand Director Eastern Europe Zone

“Vlad has the rare ability of discovering what’s best in you – as a leader, as a coach, as a person.”

<p class="testi-nume">Andreea Mois</p><p class="testi-functie">Antrepreneur</p>
Andreea Mois


">Andreea MoisAntrepreneur

“Vlad is capable of conveying the energy that truly changes the game.”

<p class="testi-nume">Nico J. Genes</p><p class="testi-functie">Writer</p>
Nico J. Genes


">Nico J. GenesWriter

“I feel lucky to have worked with Vlad. Not only a trainer, but a mentor and a friend.”

<p class="testi-nume">Božica Šabić</p><p class="testi-functie">Sales Manager, Croatia</p>
Božica Šabić

Sales Manager, Croatia

">Božica ŠabićSales Manager, Croatia

“He showed us the qualities of an authentic leader: vision, integrity, courage, positive attitude.”

<p class="testi-nume">Vesna Bajramović</p><p class="testi-functie">Business Development Manager, BiH</p>
Vesna Bajramović

Business Development Manager, BiH

">Vesna BajramovićBusiness Development Manager, BiH

“You can learn a lot from him about leadership, motivation, strategy, entrepreneurship.”

What’s in it for you


People with a high level of self-confidence are generally having a positive mindset and a positive mindset characterizes successful people.

Stress Manangement

Identify the main causes of stress and eliminate them by acting regularly in order to improve your way of life.

Health and wellness

Always be full of energy, with an iron constitution, having an enviable physical and mental status.

Work-life balance

Find the balance between personal life and career, so that you can capitalize on every opportunity of becoming better.

Gain clarity for your goals

See where you want to get and start taking action in order to reach your goal, as fast as you can.

Identify your strengths and opportunities

Discover which your strengths are and how you can use them in order to radically change your life into something better.

About VLAD

Vlad is dedicated and very passionate about helping people and organizations in reaching their maximum potential.

For him, the belief in human growth transformation potential is a defining value. He developed, led and inspired (they say) exceptional people (he says). Vlad inspires courage, confidence and dynamism.

5 things you gave to know about Vlad:

He successfully develops people, teams and businesses for over 15 years within multinational companies in 11 countries

Internationally certified coach (ICF) and nutritionist (ANC)

As a former professional athlete, he has a proven recipe for success

Personalized approach, anchored in science

He has proven results. Vlad, “walks the talk”!

Start growing YOURSELF with energy, patience and determination

Feed yourself with ACTION!