The MIND and BODY connection. The essence of EPICSHIFT
Every human being is a complex system. All the parts of this system are profoundly interconnected and cannot function individually at an optimal rate. I believe in holistic approaches and therefore all the transformational programs that I am developing have basis in the mind-body connection. The link is bidirectional, the mind influencing our body and
Procrastination. What is it and how stopping it can benefit us.
Understanding the reasons for which we postpone what is “good” for us? I know that in order to stop a toxic behavior, one must understand what is determining it first. We hear the term procrastination quite often lately. It essentially means to postpone or delay the beginning of an action. This is a concept that
The Winner’s attitude. Why it’s so important and how you can train it
We often hear that attitude is extremely important in reaching our objectives and in succeeding in our endeavors and, generally, in life. Attitude is, according to the dictionary, ‘a way of being or of behaving’, but for me it’s a reflection of your inner will power. A positive, open attitude is usually associated to success.
Success. Lessons from those who have achieved it.
First and foremost,  from a deeper and more profound perspective, the definition for success is highly subjective. It depends on our point of reference, whether these are our life goals, our values, priorities, needs and so on. Success is, in a way, similar to happiness. In 1984, an American psychologist, Edward F. Diener, developed an