About VLAD

Vlad is dedicated and very passionate about helping people and organizations in reaching their maximum potential.

For him, the belief in human growth and transformation potential is a defining value. He developed, led and inspired (they say) exceptional people (he says). Vlad inspires courage, confidence and dynamism.

5 things you gave to know about Vlad:

He successfully develops people, teams and businesses for over 15 years within multinational companies in 11 countries

Internationally certified coach (ICF) and nutritionist (ANC)

As a former professional athlete, he has a proven recipe for success

Personalized approach, anchored in science

He has proven results. Vlad, “walks the talk”!

Hey, I am Vlad.

I am an EPICSHIFT coach, a business developer and a lifelong learner.

As the majority of people working in the corporative environment, I have been exposed to numerous challenges. Together with my teams and partners we managed overcome them and to deliver performance. Looking back, and this is no secret, the key to performance is the attitude one chooses to have. I have learned that attitude can be trained in order to best serve your interests.

How? I will say only this: your lifestyle is the most important factor in training your winning attitude and in reaching performance.

This is valid in the sports world, for top performers, and it not different for anyone else in a quest for positive outcomes.

So, if you resonate with this idea, I invite you to download my free e-books or discover the FITEPIC™ programme. And if you want to find out more, just write me on , I will happily get back to you.



Vlad Popa is led by the strong belief according to which human growth and developing potential is unlimited. He knows that each person possesses the necessary inner resources that can drive him/her in achieving success. Vlad says that his purpose is helping people in identifying these resources.

For over 15 years, Vlad has successfully led teams of winners in international companies. He has had the chance to work in diverse environments, in different cultures, having in his team seven different nationalities. From his experience of collaborating with very big teams, he has learned that long-term performance and success are influenced by “winner” attitudes and behaviors. For his part, Vlad is an example of winner attitude. He has grown up in a family of athletes and he has practiced performance sports also. However, when he could not pursue a sporting career due to a health situation, Vlad succeeded in making an epic change in his life: from being a professional athlete, to having a successful career in the business environment. He returned in Romania 4 years ago where he successfully leads commercial operations and defines the strategy for a leader-company in his field of work. In 2018, in order to be consistent to his purpose, he laid the foundation of EPICSHIFT, a unique concept of professional COACHING.

Vlad’s certifications

Keep on g(r)o(w)ing!”