Testimoniale Fitepic

“Even though I had a lot of information about nutrition, it was hard for me to make a healthy choice every day. Fitepic™ nutrition came as a simple and clear solution, easy to follow and the benefits for my health became visible quickly – weight loss, reduced water retention, significantly smaller dark circles, improved overall condition. Vlad is a credible, available and attentive coach who practices what he preaches. In addition, he has solutions for the moments of “weakness”, he accompanied me in an empathetic way and not in the “all or nothing” kind of approach – which for me makes Fitepic™ sustainable in the long term. Highly recommended! ”

“The benefits of FITEPIC™ are numerous. As a practitioner of performance sport (Brazilian Ju Jitsu) I have noticed increased performances. On top,I lost considerable amount body fat. In addition to this, the FITEPIC™ lifestyle gave me increased focusing power and general well-being. ”

“For me, Fitepic has become a lifestyle for a healthy life. Without feeling restrictions, only through increased awareness about what is beneficial for a good life. I gave up sugar and rediscovered the taste of coffee and other foods. I gave up snacking and I am no longer irascible after skipping a meal. ”

“Vlad managed to bring out from me skills that I did not know I have. After that, he helped me to develop & maximize them”

“With enthusiasm and passion he helped me reaching my goals, expand my perspective and improve my fitness level in just a few months.”

The Fitepic™ program represented for me a willpower and discipline training for a healthy lifestyle. I live a great joy that I have proven to myself that I can succeed. A very important benefit is that my entire family adhered to a healthy lifestyle.We are more careful in choosing healthy foods and using healthier cooking methods.
I recommend with all the confidence this program because of the benefits I have felt: higher focusing power, higher energy levels, I am fitter, I rest much better. The right foods and the correct hydration helped me to have a “cleaner” skin.
Vlad himself is a model, he is ” leading by example ”

“FITEPIC represented for me the second stage of a wider process of transformation. Unlike the classic diet, based on the continuous limitation of the number of calories and the constraints that come from it, FITEPIC is much more permissive and the positive effects are much stronger. If in the first stage the only effect was weight loss until a time when, although I respected that program, the benefits stopped appearing, through FITEPIC I continued progessing. Not only did it lead me to the ideal weight without quantitative restrictions, but I also had other positive effects, including: increased concentration power, much improved overall condition, increased energy level. I highly recommend this program which, for me, has become a new lifestyle. ”

This program helped me to educate my lifestyle, to pay attention to what I eat and to be more organized. Besides lowering the percentage of body fat, I felt more positive and I did not feel so acute the effects of daily stress.”

I entered the FITEPIC™ program without too much confidence in my ability to follow it correctly and get visible results, but convinced of its other benefits. In addition to losing extra pounds, my goal was to change my lifestyle and the way I relate to nutrition forever. I followed the program while introducing as much outdoor movement and an active lifestyle as possible. By the end of the stages I had lost 12 kg without any effort, only by respecting the basic principles. I am often asked if this course was “difficult” and my answer is: “it was not easy, but the program was my ally”. For most of us, the struggle with extra pounds and unhealthy habits goes to the mental level – it is very difficult not to give in to so many temptations. As soon as I understood how my body works and the processes that take place with the change of diet, it became easy in terms of determination, to follow the established steps. I also encountered difficult times in which it seemed to me that I would give up all my work, but I treated them as isolated episodes, determined by external factors, independent of my will. The stress on personal or professional level, the unpleasant events, a demanding daily schedule, or simply all these cumulative, were automatically reflected in my ability to respect the program. Vlad helped me understand and embrace both ascents and descents, and to look at everything as a whole. Thank you, Vlad! J Equally with weight loss, changes for the better have occurred mentally and emotionally. I could say that after a year, I am another person both physically and mentally. I perceive myself and feel completely different, having a much better appreciation about myself. Although we like to think sometimes that the external aspect does not matter so much, but what we are inside, I believe that, first, we should start by discovering who we are. Feeling good about yourself enables you to discover balance and well-being.
From my experience, I can say that FITEPIC™ guarantees a balanced lifestyle, surprising benefits on all levels, if followed with sincerity and determination. For those interested in this trip, I recommend not to be discouraged and not to give up in the delicate moments, because these will inevitably occur. To keep in mind permanently the proposed objective, but above all, not to refer to the program as a road to a final destination but to a beautiful trip throughout your life.”