The Winner’s attitude. Why it’s so important and how you can train it

The Winner’s attitude. Why it’s so important and how you can train it

We often hear that attitude is extremely important in reaching our objectives and in succeeding in our endeavors and, generally, in life.

Attitude is, according to the dictionary, ‘a way of being or of behaving’, but for me it’s a reflection of your inner will power.

A positive, open attitude is usually associated to success.

When we feed ourselves on the lessons of a failure, when we see the ‘reasons for saying YES’ and not those for saying ‘NO’, when we visualize the accomplishment, when our aim is clear, that is when we are winners.

It is said that if you can imagine a thing, it can turn into reality. You see, our mind is extremely powerful, it can be both our path to success and our path to failure. It all depends on what we choose to visualize, success or failure. The good part is that it is 100% under our control.

I’m sure you know people whom you admire for their attitude. Such persons emanate energy, positivism and always have a high morale.

How can we build a winner’s attitude?

Through discipline, will and training.

A few directions to train your attitude:

  1. To have a clear aim and objective


Let’s assume that you are pilots and that you are entering a race without knowing where’s the finish line. Do you stand a real chance of winning? Obviously not.

It is therefore easy to see why we need to know our day to day finish line as well, why it’s important to know our objectives.

There are two types of objectives:

a) Lifelong objectives, often linked to our purpose in life. Ancient civilizations used to say that at some point, usually around mid age, people start to question the purpose of their existence.

b) Intermediary objectives, deriving from the main one .

Winners have clear and measurable objectives, which they constantly monitor.

  1. Only focus on the positive aspects

Winners know that the things of which they are often thinking about influence their actions, so they focus on the positive aspects. So when a problem emerges, their mind will look for solutions. They turn any problem into a learning opportunity, looking for lessons to learn from each experience.

There’s nothing stopping us from transforming our success paradigm: any obstacle is simply an opportunity to learn.

  1. Have a higher self-esteem

Winners know who they are and who they’re not. They are very comfortable with their uniqueness and have a natural self-confidence that can be easily observed from the outside. They attract the admiration of those around them. These persons whom they attract can become their friends and supporters.

What’s more, they know they cannot control the environment. They are aware that they can only control their own reactions, which is a very important piece of knowledge for a high level of self-trust.

It is not always easy to discover “who am I”, a lot of patience and openness are required.

  1. Improve the image about yourself

In order to be a winner, you must act like one, you must act like you’ve already fulfilled your biggest dream.

We keep bringing into our life the things we often think of, so why not think that we are successful?

The secret is to visualize it and analyze ourselves (What are we feeling? What are we seeing? What are we hearing? What are those around us saying?)

  1. Show empathy to those around you

Whether we realize it or not, we all like to feel appreciated, liked, important and irreplaceable. Winners act with empathy and candor and have a high level of emotional intelligence. This approach brings two major benefits:

a) an open attitude towards other views, which translates into a continuous process of learning and growth

b) they easily attract supporters who can be turned into important resources


To conclude, our attitude is our key to success and it is 100% up to us how we develop it. Resources surround us, so, it is essential to use them in our benefit and take action

What are you doing for your development today?



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